Product Recall

Product Recall

30th October 2020

Good morning,

We are writing to you with further important information about the Department of Education PPE product framework.

The Department of Education commenced a review of biocidal products included in the Education Sector PPE Procurement Agreement.

The results of this review now confirm that schools should discontinue the use of certain products and purchase alternative supplies.

Our hand sanitiser is not affected as the supply we have is fully registered, however the wipes (virapro, alcohol free) the students and teachers use are to be recalled or to cease use of them. If they are unopened your child can return them on Monday otherwise please dispose of them.

Please note that the Department does not have any evidence that these products are unsafe. The Department is taking 43 biocidal and 9 other products off the approved list for schools because it has not been possible to satisfactorily confirm their registration status as part of the review.

It is impossible to have replaced the wipes by Monday as we have to purchase from a central framework and supplies are limited at the moment. We have disinfecting spray, tissue, and wipes in all rooms for students to wipe down each desk and chair before they use them. We are suggesting that you send in your own wipes with your child until replacement wipes are supplied.

Kind Regards,
John Murphy, Veronica Walsh