BT Your Scientist 2019


Students: David Grey and Cillian O Sullivan:

Title: Reducing Toxic Heavy Metals in the Global Food Chain:

Overview: This project investigates the viability of using F113/MB004 Pseudomonas Fluorescencs and L228/L321/L111 Pseudomonas Fluorescencs to reduce levels of heavy metals in the global food chain.

Teacher: Joanne Corkery

Student: Hannah Walsh:

Title: Diabetes: Don’t sugar coat it – improving the general populations’ understanding of Type 2 diabetes to support prevention.

Overview:  This project is a study into peoples’ misunderstandings and attitudes surrounding diabetes in Ireland and improving the streams of information readily available.

Teacher: Joanne Corkery 

Students: Ava Hynes, Katie Savage

Title: A statistical analysis of the impact of playing golf on the self esteem and well being of female adolescents.

Overview: This project aims to investigate the effect of playing golf on the self esteem and well being of female adolescents.

Teacher: Joanne Corkery

Students: Vivienne Field, Dara O Shea

Title: The shape of you – The push and pull on Body Image Accuracy in Irish Adolescents.

Overview: This project investigates how accurate adolescents are at describing body size, what influences body dissatisfaction and are there differences between male and female views.

Teacher: Brid-Anne O’ Donoghue

Students: Abby Reynolds, Ailish O’ Hanlon, Aoife O’ Brien

Title: What do you think of me? A statistical analysis of adolescents and elderly peoples perception of ageing.

Overview: This project aims to discover if intergenerational learning creates more positive perceptions towards ageing in both adolescents and elderly people.

Teacher: Joanne Corkery