“Technology is the only way to dramatically expand access to knowledge. Why should students be limited to a textbook that was printed two years ago, and maybe designed ten years ago, when they could have access to the world’s best and most up-to-date textbook? Equally important, technology allows teachers and students to access specialised materials well beyond textbooks, in multiple formats, with little time and space constraints”

Andreas Schleicher-OECD 2015.


In September 2012 we introduced electronic books  to Coláiste Treasa. Following extensive research and consultation we decided that the best platform to deliver these ebooks was through an  iPad. At the time of the introduction our aims were three fold :


  • To reduce the age old problem of heavy school bags.
  • To enhance and improve the learning experience for all students.
  • The level of interactivity with digital media leads to higher results. Pilot studies in Ireland have also shown that learning and results increase dramatically for students using digital media. If it works elsewhere why should our students be disadvantaged by not using the best technology available?

Children learn differently in the 21st Century, Teachers are not always the providers of knowledge, instead we supply the pathways where information may be found. In many instances students can direct their own learning and learn at a pace which is suitable to the individual.

To ensure that we get the maximum benefit from the iPads we have invested in a state of the art wifi system. This wifi system runs seamlessly in every classroom in the school, including the school gym.